Maximize Your Candle's Lifespan: The Ultimate Guide

Maximize Your Candle's Lifespan: The Ultimate Guide

First burn

When burning your candle for the very first time you must let the wax reach the side of your jar. This creates a wonderful thing called a ‘candle memory’. This will ensure every burn after your wax is reaching the sides.

Example: If I lit my candle until there was a small wax pool in the middle and then decided to blow it out, it would unevenly burn every time after.

Trim your wick

Another super important tip in burning your candle is trimming your wick! Have you ever noticed your candle gets a black ring around the vessel, producing lots of soot or a really high flame? All of these are because your wick is too big. You can either pinch off the flakey wick or trim with our wick trimmers.

Always burn in sight and away from flammable items

Leaving your candle lit out of sight can be very dangerous. So many variables can potentially happen which is why I recommend to never leave your candle unattended. 

Keep your flame away from moving air

When burning your candle avoid fans, air conditioning and open windows. The moving air can disturb the flame and create a black ring around your jar. 


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