Being eco-conscious as a small business

Being eco-conscious as a small business

What is being eco conscious?

An eco-conscious person is mindful of the effects they have on the environment whilst going the extra mile to make sure the impact is minimal. 

What do we do?


Re-us packaging sent to us from suppliers

Ordering in large quantities leaves me with lots of boxes and packaging materials. One of the ways I reuse boxes are for customer orders. All packing materials get saved and used in orders to protect your products. 

100% Soy wax

Soy wax is a much better wax for the environment than your typical paraffin wax. It does not pollute the air when burning and is completely sustainable.

Reusable packaging

Our candle jars and spray bottles were chosen with the intention of customers reusing them once finished.

Candle jars can be used as a pen holder, propagating plants or even a makeup brush holder.

Room spray bottles can be reused for cleaning solutions or even just water. Personally I fill mine with water to spray plants. 

Reducing waste

If a product has a minor mark or an imperfect label these do not get thrown away. 

These products either get heavily discounted and put on the website (with the description clearly stating a fault) or given to family and friends to use. 


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