The Ultimate Guide to Car Diffuser Use

The Ultimate Guide to Car Diffuser Use

Car diffusers are our newest product to arrive for Dreamy Melts Co. If you are unsure on how to properly use yours let me help you!

Now that you have bought your gorgeous car diffuser lets. run through how to use it and important tips to remember.

SAFETY TIP: Before anything I highly recommend doing these next few steps outside of your car. If the solution comes in contact with your cars interior it will cause damage.

1. Unscrew the bottle from the hanging diffuser beads

2. Remove the stopper ( do not throw this out )

3. Fill your diffuser with your chosen scent ( our refill bottles are 15ml giving you just shy of 2 refills )

4. Screw the bottle back together

5. Tip upside down for a few seconds to let the solution soak the wood at the top ( this is why I recommend doing this outside of the car )

6. Unscrew the diffuser and place the stopper back in ( this will ensure no leaks )

7. Screw back together and clip onto your mirror or wherever you would like to hang!

Enjoy your beautiful scent! Now lets go through a few helpful tips 

1. Avoid leaving in direct sunlight

This is because your diffuser solution can evaporate and soak up the string. This can cause damage to the beads and weaken the string.

2. Changing your scent

If you would like to change your scents up simply clean the bottle with warm water to get rid of any previous scent. 



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